Exterior - Plagued Streets Of Pity (Hobbes Music)

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Exterior - Plagued Streets Of Pity (Hobbes Music)

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Fresh and heady slice of cerebral techno and out-there electro flavours.

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EXTERIOR is the artist moniker of Edinburgh producer Doug MacDonald. Exterior represents his transition to electronic music and an embrace of the dancefloor. Doug played hardcore and noise-rock for a long time before eventually abandoning collaboration, nostalgia and formulaic rebellion in favour of synthesis. What he gained on the way was an understanding of the power of live drumming and years of finely honed performance-skills, something of an aberration in dance music.

Exterior thus represents a convergence of disparate personal and musical pleasures. Accordingly Exterior draws on rhythmic mavericks as divergent as Fugazi//Battles//Swans as well as DJ Spoko//Clark//Hieroglyphic Being. In addition, there is a deep undercurrent of melody and texture, drawing on the likes of Burial//Miles Davis//Bjork. Eschewing the modern home computer in favour of an exclusively hardware based approach, Exterior espouses a physical relationship to what is at heart an abstract practice, composing electronic dance music.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising, then, that one of the things which really sets Exterior apart is his intoxicating live show. He gets the crowd going every single time he performs, so infectious is his energy, as he throws shapes and struts his stuff behind the gear, clearly 100% in the moment and his element.

His debut EP 'Public Transport' was released on London/Barcelona-based Land Recordings earlier in 2018. Having made his international headlining debut in Berlin in September, more continental sorties are currently being arranged (see below).

This record represents a significant move forward in sophistication and club-readiness.

On remix duties, anonymous analogue techno lover DALI returns on the back of four slices of extended club gear released via two Hobbes Music 12"s (2017-18), boasting colour-themed, screen-printed sleeves and an uber-simple design for that evergreen minimal aesthetic with a hint of mystique. These gained excited support/plays from the likes of Ben UFO, Nina Kraviz, Daniel Avery, DJ Deep, Laurent Garnier, Avalon Emerson, Twitch, XDB, Bill Brewster, Bawrut, Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) and many more... Clocking in (again) at just over 9 minutes, her 'Collapsing Star' remix is another marathon-length effort and does exactly what it says on the tin. Setting the beats to classic electro, everything's pushed hard until it all seems ready to fall rapidly apart (and it very nearly does), before dissolving in a fiery sizzle: a more visceral, dance floor accompaniment to Exterior's heady affair.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Exterior
Label Hobbes Music
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific 12"
Genre Techno
Release Date 24 Jan 2019
Track 1 Position A1
Track 1 Title Plagued Streets Of Pity
Track 1 Preview URL https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/usolnaudiopreviews/HM011/A1-Plagued-Streets-Of-Pity-CLIP.mp3
Track 2 Position A2
Track 2 Title Let Them Come To You
Track 2 Preview URL https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/usolnaudiopreviews/HM011/A2-Let-Them-Come-To-You.mp3
Track 3 Position B1
Track 3 Title Future Daze
Track 3 Preview URL https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/usolnaudiopreviews/HM011/B1-Future-Daze.mp3
Track 4 Position B2
Track 4 Title Plagued Streets Of Pity (DALI's 'Collapsing Star' Remix)
Track 4 Preview URL https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/usolnaudiopreviews/HM011/B2-Plagued-Streets-DALI-Remix.mp3
Track 5 Position No
Track 5 Title No
Track 5 Preview URL No
Track 6 Position No
Track 6 Title No
Track 6 Preview URL No
Track 7 Position No
Track 7 Title No
Track 7 Preview URL No
Track 8 Position No
Track 8 Title No
Track 8 Preview URL No
Track 9 Position No
Track 9 Title No
Track 9 Preview URL No
Track 10 Position No
Track 10 Title No
Track 10 Preview URL No
Track 11 Position No
Track 11 Title No
Track 11 Preview URL No
Track 12 Position No
Track12 Title No
Track 12 Preview URL No