FYI Chris - Earth Scum (2xLP) (Black Acre)

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FYI Chris - Earth Scum (2xLP) (Black Acre)

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Cracking debut LP from those Chris kids, traversing post-punk, jazz, techno, weirdo house and beyond with a psychedelic spin.

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Following their 2020 EP Black Dragon Loop - Scum of the Earth is a nod to the duo’s Northern roots and a signal to their friends and fam ethos, featuring Watson’s uncle - Mancunian poet Thick Richard.

Blending swirling synths with punk energy, on ‘Scum of the Earth’ Thick Richard’s no-frills, spoken word - ”but just remember this planet is made out of dirt, when you call me the scum of the earth” - is peppered with broken beats and distorted vox lines. Originally a track made from a live recording of Thick Richard taken in the wee hours of the morning in the smoking area of Corsica Studios about eight years ago, he managed to re-record during the UK lockdown in 2020, adding verses from another poem, People in Crack Houses Shouldn't Throw Rocks.

A duo with strong creative vision, they follow Thick Richard cycling around the canals of Manchester, tinnies in hand, in the glitchy, wigged out visuals for Scum of the Earth, directed and edited by Dilesh Patel. The follow up to their sensational 2020 EP Black Dragon Loop which garnered support from Clash, Loud and Quiet, Mixmag, Boiler Room 4:3 and more, FYI Chris return to esteemed Bristol label, Black Acre Records, a fitting home for their debut album.

Traversing post-punk, jazz, techno, weirdo house and beyond with a psychedelic spin, across twelve tracks Earth Scum promises insight into the multiverse of FYI Chris. The duo pay homage to their strong sense of community and life as they know it in South London and the North of England, nodding to friends and family along the way.

Sonically, the pair showcase their varied palettes and musicality with a darker and more rugged multi-instrumental approach, while shining a light on their gallows
sense of humour. Hailing from the North, FYI Chris (Chris Watson and Chris Coupe) met in South London - fast becoming key players in that tight-knit local community as well as the global dance music scene. Regulars at Peckham’s Rye Wax and often at the helm of the Rye Wax radio show; pre-pandemic, the duo could also be found playing gigs in esteemed underground venues across the globe.

With their breakthrough release No Hurry / Juliette on esteemed local label Church in 2015, FYI Chris have since released on revered platforms including Rhythm Section, Toy Tonics, Banoffee Pies, remix work for Ninja Tune. The pair also co-run ‘West Friends’, a platform showcasing their own groove-centred repertoire and genre-defying creations by pals. With a friends-and-family ethos and self- effacing humour combined with their raw talent and incredible musicality, FYI Chris are a force to be reckoned with.

Limited first pressing of 300 includes perforated ‘Acid Tab’ print by Miles Davies.

Tracklist :  A1. Pizza Dust, A2. Secret Soup, A3. On Tik (feat Pinty & Simeon Jones), B1. The Vault, B2. Tempora, B3. Morley's Preference (feat Simeon Jones), B4. Outie (feat DJ Morris), C1. Black Dragon Loop, C2. Green Paraquet, C3. Four Teslas, D1. No Sun, D2. Scum of the Earth (feat Thick Richard).

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Additional Information

Artist FYI Chris
Label Black Acre
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific 12"
Genre House
Release Date 5 Mar 2021
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