Gaming - Scenes From A Deserted City (2xLP) (Hobbes Music)

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Gaming - Scenes From A Deserted City (2xLP) (Hobbes Music)

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1st LP from EDN's own Hobbes Music, with Glasgow's own GAMING channeling classic early 90's techno / IDM / electronica to great effect. Recommended.

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Following January’s acclaimed vinyl debut from Exterior and summer’s much-loved Kota Motomura EP, Edinburgh’s Hobbes Music label ends 2019 with its first album release, also a debut, from GAMING, a fresh new braindance electronica project straight outta Glasgow. 

GAMING is a new solo outing that brings together a lifelong love of music and technology and creating left field, rhythmic electronica. It’s the sound of IDM, nineties techno and mensch maschine computer music that is as spontaneous as it is programmed. It's a bit of a grower and may take time to get under your skin.... 

“Scenes From A Deserted City is a collection of tracks that started as a set of riffs, loops, rhythms and grooves and unfurled around a sense of growing unease about the future of the urban environment around me.

It’s an album that started out as sound…and ended up as a way of telling stories about the age of anxiety we live in, how our world is changing, and how we find a way through that.

This is DIY electronica from Glasgow – it was made on a growing collection of digital and analogue synths and FX units, including a bunch of modular racks, each with its own idiosyncrasies and character that belies the assumption of the binary.

The studio where it was recorded – an abandoned, and often very cold, school building reclaimed by the community some twenty years ago – offered up stories of resilience, even when all seems lost. (I’m not sure what the mice contributed but they definitely climbed in and out of some synths).

This album is ultimately about my changing relationship with Glasgow, a city I’ve lived in for more than 25 years. It’s about how I feel now about the increasing sense of urban decay and how the city can be a very isolating place. It’s about how I reflect on my younger creative self trying to find a direction but mainly feeling a sense of dislocation and not fitting in. And it’s about the questions I have about how that relationship is changing, how it will be forced to move forward.
The result is a soundtrack for walking home on your own, in that headphone bubble when it’s just you focusing on that music that makes sense to you alone. It’s for early in the morning, after the night before, or going to work with the memories of that slipping and sliding inside your head. It’s about how it feels to be both elated and lonely, to be lost in the familiar, despairingly hopeful.”

Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Gaming
Label Hobbes Music
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific 2x12"
Genre Downtempo, Electro, House, Techno
Release Date 6 Dec 2019
Track 1 Position A1
Track 1 Title Urban Decay Sale
Track 1 Preview URL
Track 2 Position A2
Track 2 Title Ripples Begin
Track 2 Preview URL
Track 3 Position A3
Track 3 Title Otago Lane
Track 3 Preview URL
Track 4 Position B1
Track 4 Title Sodium Orange
Track 4 Preview URL
Track 5 Position B2
Track 5 Title On The Corner
Track 5 Preview URL
Track 6 Position B3
Track 6 Title Night Drive (Thru-Govanhill)
Track 6 Preview URL
Track 7 Position C1
Track 7 Title Bruised
Track 7 Preview URL
Track 8 Position C2
Track 8 Title Abandoned Suburbs
Track 8 Preview URL
Track 9 Position C3
Track 9 Title North Wood Encounte
Track 9 Preview URL
Track 10 Position D1
Track 10 Title Deserted City
Track 10 Preview URL
Track 11 Position D2
Track 11 Title Centro
Track 11 Preview URL
Track 12 Position D3
Track12 Title False Dawn
Track 12 Preview URL