Georgia - Time (2xLP) (Firecracker)

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Georgia - Time (2xLP) (Firecracker)

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High functioning new LP from Georgia on Firecracker. Highly recommended!

13 track 2x12” LP
Collaborative Artwork by Brian Close & Al White
Silkscreened by House Of Traps

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Consisting neither of one lone woman, nor hailing from either the Eurasian country or the North American state, this Georgia is in fact comprised of two human males working out of China Town, N.Y.C., namely Brian Close and Justin Tripp. Together they form a creative partnership responsible for not just a slew of output upon such highly regarded imprints as Meakusma, Palto Flats and Emotional Response, but also for a kaleidoscopic variety of multimedia work with a whole host of clients, from the corporate to the counter cultural. With an all embracing, freeform and in some ways contradictory approach to production, their sound is at turns stimulating, terrifying, comforting and confounding. Separated from any visual representation, the audio on its own becomes a soundtrack for the listeners' own intense internal projection screen.

With 'Time', Georgia's vision is especially well realised as here, in collaboration with fellow intuitionists Firecracker Recordings, they release into this world an album which, with any luck, shall help you unlock your inner portals - should they need assistance in that regard anyway. Unquantisable polyrhythms knock against one another in an uncannily externalised, conflicting collage of half remembered dance ritual memories. Fragmented melodies, disembodied vocal snippets, a hint of ethnomusicality in places all give deep nods simultaneously to ancient experience and to post human intelligence, condensing past present and future into one eternal instant.

'Time' the album asks us: what happens when one removes ones expectations of where in time a piece of music or art must sit? And what of time itself as a construct, now that we have myriad ways of measuring it, even at the atomic level; but still its passing is completely relative according to the observer, and indeed may all be in our minds anyway? Equally, you can always just put it on - again, and again - empty your mind of such thoughts completely, and allow all of your particles to move around freely to this joyful noise... after all, that's the point, isn't it? We're gonna have to stop asking questions eventually.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Georgia
Label Firecracker
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific 2x12"
Genre Electronic, Experimental, Techno
Release Date 1 Apr 2019
Track 1 Position A1
Track 1 Title Ayolas
Track 1 Preview URL
Track 2 Position A2
Track 2 Title Othonoi
Track 2 Preview URL
Track 3 Position A3
Track 3 Title Askja
Track 3 Preview URL
Track 4 Position A4
Track 4 Title West Of Luzon
Track 4 Preview URL
Track 5 Position B1
Track 5 Title Iwate
Track 5 Preview URL
Track 6 Position B2
Track 6 Title Wupatki
Track 6 Preview URL
Track 7 Position B3
Track 7 Title Tioga NIcetown
Track 7 Preview URL
Track 8 Position C1
Track 8 Title Pura Braman
Track 8 Preview URL
Track 9 Position C2
Track 9 Title Suali
Track 9 Preview URL
Track 10 Position C3
Track 10 Title Sabalan
Track 10 Preview URL
Track 11 Position D1
Track 11 Title Desta Tinanitina Mata
Track 11 Preview URL
Track 12 Position D2
Track12 Title Larki
Track 12 Preview URL