Various Artists - JD Twitch presents Kreaturen der Nacht LP (Strut)

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Various Artists - JD Twitch presents Kreaturen der Nacht LP (Strut)

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Strut present an exclusive new compilation LP curated by Optimo’s JD Twitch, ‘Kreaturen Der Nacht’, bringing together classics, rarities and oddities from Germany’s original post-punk and DIY scene.

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1979 to 1984 was an era of particular artistic upheaval in Germany as strong subculture scenes formed in many German cities. Emphasis was placed on expression rather than technical perfection, artistic impact rather than skill. DIY self-organisation prevailed with the establishment of small record labels and independently produced records and cassettes. Bands experimented across genres and consciously abandoned the English-speaking mainstream with German band names and lyrics. “Although we had a small underground scene, it was very vibrant,” explains Gudrun Gut of Malaria! “Bands like Die Haut, my first band Mania D., Malaria!... we organised gigs ourselves or friends would open a gallery and have bands playing. We hung around together in a handful of clubs like Risiko or Dschungel and went to gigs at SO36. West Germany had other regional scenes too: Düsseldorf and Köln around Der Plan and the Ata Tak label and there was the Hamburg side with Abwärts. Germany didn’t have a real music industry like the US or England back then."

This new collection is a personal selection from JD Twitch, built over years of playing the tracks in club sets. “It is not designed to tell a definitive story of what was going on in Germany in this era,” he explains. “Rather, it is simply an arbitrary collection of records I adore from a specific era with a specific attitude that hopefully together sum up some of the musical undercurrents in Germany at that time.”

The package features a host of rare and unseen photos from the period along with extensive interviews with artists including Beate Bartel (Mania D.), Christoph Dreher (Die Haut), Michael Hirsch (P1/E) and Thomas Voburka (Weltklang). All tracks are remastered by The Carvery with artwork by Optimo’s in-house design man Andrew Beltran.

- Unique snapshot of classic, rare and leftfield German post-punk and DIY music from the early ‘80s
- First compilation collaboration between Optimo’s JD Twitch and Strut
- All tracks remastered by The Carvery
- Features previously unreissued tracks by Ausserhalb, Aus Lauter Liebe, Matthias Schuster and more
- Includes full artist interviews and background to the early ‘80s German scene


A1. Leben Und Arbeiten - Amanita
A2. Malaria! – Your Turn To Run
A3. Ausserhalb - Zeitzelle
A4. Die Haut – Der Karibische Western
B1. Aus Lauter Liebe – Pingelig
B2. Mania D. – Track 4
B3. Exkurs – Fakten
B4. Christiane F. – Wunderbar (Optimo Edit)
C1. Sprung Aus Den Wolken – Dub And Die
C2. P1/E – Up And Above / Up And Above Dub
C3. Franz Erlmeier & Fritz Köstler – Öffnen Sie Mal Ihre Tasche
C4. Populäre Mechanik – Scharfer Schnitt (No. 1)
D1. Andreas Dorau – Fred Vom Jupiter
D2. Weltklang – Veb Heimat
D3. Stefan Blöser – Voyager One
D4. Matthias Schuster – An Rah Robeel

Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Various Artists
Label Strut
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific 2x12"
Genre New Wave / Post Punk
Release Date 9 Nov 2018
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