Dr. Octagon - Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation (Bulk)

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Dr. Octagon - Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation (Bulk)

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Brand new LP from the one and only Kool Keith!

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For the uninitiated, Moosebumps should be considered the true follow up to the critically acclaimed 1996 Dr. Octagon
album Dr. Octagonecologyst, the strange and beautiful fruit of an inspired musical collaboration between legendary
artists/producers Dan “The Automator” Nakamura, MC Kool Keith (Keith Thornton) and turntablist DJ Q-Bert (Richard
Quitevis). Though Kool Keith continued to perform and release new material under the alias “Dr. Octagon” sporadically
over the years – it was without the original partners Automator and QBert. For the first time in over two decades,
Moosebumps has reunited the dream team in the studio and on the stage!

Also making a notable appearance on the Moosebumps album is rapper and frequent Automator collaborator, Del The
Funky Homosapien, on the epic track “3030 Meets The Doc Pt.1”

The character Dr. Octagon is an extraterrestrial surgeon from Jupiter who uses space technology and primitive tools to
perform medical procedures on his patients, some of whom die as he conducts his rounds, while others are murdered
by his careless, barbaric acts.

“It’s hard to exaggerate the role that Kool Keith’s debut solo album as Dr. Octagon played in revitalizing
underground hip-hop…Dr. Octagon remains as startling and original as the day it was released.”

– AllMusic

“Even if there’s something voyeuristic about studying this man– who in real life, may or may not have done
time in Bellevue– it works because it’s gripping, not gawk-worthy: Keith is in control of his delusion, and he
unravels it into a kind of virtuosity. Look away and you’ll miss one hell of a brilliant car wreck.”

– Pitchfork (Top 100 Albums Of The 1990s)

“Dr. Octagon is a welcome return to the irrational, destabilized essence and no-rules vibe of early hip-hop.

– Spin Magazine

“Kool Keith is unlike any other rapper and Dr. Octagonecologyst is unlike any other hip-hop album ever…It
blazed the trail for the late ’90s underground renaissance and was years ahead of what anyone else was doing at the time.”

– Medium

“If you aren’t laughing, you should be bugging. Kool Keith obviously doesn’t care. You should though,
because like every other record Keith has ever been on it will be hailed ten years from now as a classic.”

– RapReviews.com

Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Dr. Octagon
Label Bulk
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific 2x12"
Genre Hip-Hop
Release Date 6 Apr 2018
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