Fake Left - Borders Night Train (Rubadub)

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Fake Left - Borders Night Train (Rubadub)

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Guaranteed fire from our man in Edinburgh - Fake Left.


When someone drops a CD in, and says "I've recorded a couple of tracks, that I would like to put on on vinyl, would be up for distributing them ?" " One of them is not finished yet though, I just need to put some trumpets on it", well your expectations are not particularly high. It's a wonder that it even made it on toThe record flew out the door.Few months later we pressed a 12 for him on P&D deal. It didn't sell as well, which is often the way with records we love. 

Fast forward few years.. I got a call from the 'No Trumpet Man' aka FAKE LEFT, who had another couple of tracks he'd done. My first thoughts were, sorry afraid we can't help out this time... then had a listen, second thoughts were.. Fuck Aye, these have got to go out. So here they are.

RAD-TRUMPET1 - as you'll see on the scribe.. well there is the story. When we sent this off to master, we were not sure what the catalogue number would be. So the files were titled Rad Trumpet.. with a view to updating before the lacquers were cut and test presses done. Of course we forgot, and only realised when the test presses came back as RAD-TRUMPET.. and I'm left having to explain to Graeme via these notes that he is 'affectionately' known here as Trumpet Man.

So RAD-FAKE we'll let the music speak for itself.. and not a trumpet in sight. Oh apart from the stamp.. but that's another more politically based story.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Fake Left
Label Rubadub
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific 12"
Genre House
Release Date 6 Jun 2017
Track 1 Position A1
Track 1 Title Borders Night Train
Track 1 Preview URL https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/usolnaudiopreviews/RAD-TRUMPET/radtrumpet1.mp3
Track 2 Position B1
Track 2 Title Depth Contours
Track 2 Preview URL https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/usolnaudiopreviews/RAD-TRUMPET/radtrumpet2.mp3
Track 3 Position No
Track 3 Title No
Track 3 Preview URL No
Track 4 Position No
Track 4 Title No
Track 4 Preview URL No
Track 5 Position No
Track 5 Title No
Track 5 Preview URL No
Track 6 Position No
Track 6 Title No
Track 6 Preview URL No
Track 7 Position No
Track 7 Title No
Track 7 Preview URL No
Track 8 Position No
Track 8 Title No
Track 8 Preview URL No
Track 9 Position No
Track 9 Title No
Track 9 Preview URL No
Track 10 Position No
Track 10 Title No
Track 10 Preview URL No
Track 11 Position No
Track 11 Title No
Track 11 Preview URL No
Track 12 Position No
Track12 Title No
Track 12 Preview URL No