Christos Chondropoulos - Athenian Primitivism (2x12inch) (12th Isle)

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Christos Chondropoulos - Athenian Primitivism (2x12inch) (12th Isle)

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1st full length offering from those mad islanders, and didn't they do well.


ISLE011 is a collection of cassette recordings made in Athens by Christos Chondropoulos over the last five years. Coming from an avant-garde percussion background, Christos calls upon themes of ancient Greek folklore and musical tradition through a futurist lens depicting robotic societies in post-human harmony. He constructs worlds reminiscent of Marcello Giombini’s Mondial Folk series or Umiliani’s exoticised Omicron outings. By looking to the future rather than the far-off past, he builds upon these early instances of technologically charged cultural geography and presents an authentically Greek reading of a parallel Athenian basin. Where his last work for 12th Isle explored once-forbidden tunings and unplaceable tonalities, these recordings further expand on the artist’s simultaneous concern for heritage and imaginary projection. Across the final Side D, Chondropoulos explores themes of maternal love present across the album by working with local singer Sofia Sarri to record six piercing, beautiful acapella phrases.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Christos Chondropoulos
Label 12th Isle
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific 2x12"
Genre Ambient / New Age
Release Date 16 Apr 2021
Track 1 Position A1
Track 1 Title Desire As Love
Track 1 Preview URL
Track 2 Position A2
Track 2 Title Disco Veduno
Track 2 Preview URL
Track 3 Position A3
Track 3 Title Maternal
Track 3 Preview URL
Track 4 Position B1
Track 4 Title The Turkish Bath
Track 4 Preview URL
Track 5 Position B2
Track 5 Title Smile Again
Track 5 Preview URL
Track 6 Position B3
Track 6 Title Future Basin
Track 6 Preview URL
Track 7 Position C1
Track 7 Title Disco Bwaba
Track 7 Preview URL
Track 8 Position C2
Track 8 Title Blue Skin Dancer
Track 8 Preview URL
Track 9 Position C3
Track 9 Title Oaks
Track 9 Preview URL
Track 10 Position D1
Track 10 Title Abstraction
Track 10 Preview URL
Track 11 Position D2
Track 11 Title The Remainder Of Abstraction
Track 11 Preview URL
Track 12 Position D3
Track12 Title Beneath The Statue
Track 12 Preview URL