Roger Eno & Brian Eno - Luminous (Indie Exclusive Yellow Vinyl EP) (Deustche Grammophon)

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Roger Eno & Brian Eno - Luminous (Indie Exclusive Yellow Vinyl EP) (Deustche Grammophon)

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Roger and Brian Eno’s acclaimed creative collaboration continues with seven additional tracks to the 'Mixing Colours' project.
Limited Indie Only Yellow Vinyl Version

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Following its release in March, the Eno brothers’ debut Deutsche Grammophon album, Mixing
Colours, caught the imagination of critics and listeners alike with its eighteen meditations on the
slow, shifting nature of sound and time. Mixing Colours Expanded, set for full digital release on
17 July 2020, adds six new pieces along with “Pewter”, previously issued only as a bonus track in

Again the evocative titles are colour-based – “Moss”, “Violet”, “Manganese”, “Vermilion”, “Marble”,
“Pewter” and “Malachite”. And again, the pared-down beauty and meditative qualities of these new
miniatures mean that every hearing is rewarded with fresh discoveries. “Manganese” will lead as a
digital single on 1 July, acting as a perfect introduction to the Enos’ latest work.
A 12" EP – Luminous – containing all seven new tracks will be released on 14 August. As with the
album, the artist Dom Theobald has supplied the original cover artwork, and to support smaller
retailers as they reopen with the easing of lockdown measures, a special version of the EP on sun
yellow vinyl and with a different version of the cover artwork will also be available. Following this, a
deluxe 2CD edition of the complete Mixing Colours Expanded will be released internationally on
23 October.

“As the world collapses, it’s hard to imagine a better way to self-soothe than immersing yourself in
Mixing Colours,” observed The Times (London) in its five-star review. The recording was described as
“a balm for these anxious times” by the Observer (London) and by NPR as a “steadying sound in the
age of social distancing, soothing and transfixing at the same time”.
Since the end of March, Mixing Colours has received over 10 million streams and inspired many
music lovers to contribute to an inspiring online video project launched by Roger and Brian on There have been almost 1800 submissions of quiet scenes inspired by the
album and these videos have taken on a greater sense of poignancy for being filmed in a lockdown
world. On 1 July, coinciding with the release of “Manganese”, the website will be updated to
introduce a selection of these very special pieces.

“We were overwhelmed by both the quality and quantity of films we received,” note the brothers.
“There’s so much creativity and originality!  One of the pleasures of looking at these pieces of work is
noticing how each film draws out something different from the music it accompanies.”

Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Roger Eno & Brian Eno
Label Deustche Grammophon
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific Album
Genre Ambient / New Age, Electronic
Release Date 14 Aug 2020
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Track 2 Position No
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