Shure N-WHLB Stylus

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Shure N-WHLB Stylus

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Replacement stylus for the Shure Whitelabel Cartridge


Replacement stylus for the Shure Whitelabel Cartridge

Tracking force range: minimum force 1.5 gram; maximum force 3.0 gram

Vertical tracking angle: 18 degrees

Stylus tip: aluminum bushed diamond

Stylus tip radius: 0.0006 inch spherical

Stylus pull-out force: 170-709 grams (6-25 ounces), after 5 insertions

Static compliance: 0.00000020 cm per dyne of force

Weight: 0.6 oz (17 grams)

Initial clearance to record at maximum tracking force: 0.025 cm (0.035 -0/+0.015 inch)

Minimum clearance to record after 1 hour at maximum force: 0.051 cm (0.020 inch)

Electrical description:

D.C. Resistance: 975 ohms +/-10%

Inductance: 425 millihenries +/-15%

Recommended termination: 47 kohms, in parallel with 250 to 350 picofarads, including tonearm wiring and amplifier input circuitry

Electrical performance

Hum sensitivity: 0.16 millivolts/oersted, maximum; cartridge positioned for maximum signal in a 60 hz, 4 oersted field

Output voltage, using cbs str100 test record, band 6a and 7a: typical - 5.0 mv (1.0 mv/cm/sec); minimum - 4.0 mv (0.8 mv/cm/sec)

Left/ right channel balance: within 2 db

Minimum channel separation at maximum tracking force: @1khz - 18 db; @10khz - 10 db

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