Various Artists - The First Circle (LP) (Neroli)

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Various Artists - The First Circle (LP) (Neroli)

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A sublime new compilation on the Verona based Neroli label featuring Edinburgh's own Linkwood plus Aybee, Dego, Fred P, Gerald Mitchell, Ian O'Brien, K15, Kirk Degiorgio, Patrice Scott, Pirahnahead & Volcov...featuring yet more gorgeous artwork from Al White (12th Isle). This one really is a wee beauty!

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Neroli reaches release number 50 during its 20th anniversary and celebrates with a special project, an album of songs by some of the label artists and friends. The title reference goes back to 20 years ago when label’s honcho Volcov decided to give the label the name of Brian Eno’s Neroli album, an hour long ambient opus inspired by the oil derived by the flowers of the Seville orange. So after 20 years and 50 releases the label goes full circle and offers an album of delicate and heartwarming melodies and atmospheric songs. The talent of original UK dons Kirk Degiorgio, Dego and Ian o’Brien is enrolled once again to guarantee sophistication and depth. Patrice Scott and Fred P, who had recently released eps on Neroli, are joined here by fellow spacecadet Aybee…all delivering warm futuristic pieces! K15 and Linkwood debut on the label, opening and closing the album with class. And there is even a lost composition by Volcov himself with Detroit’s Gerald Mitchell and Pirahnahead as part of some 2010 sessions that might resurface soon…THE FIRST CIRCLE is complete!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist Various Artists
Label Neroli
Music Format General Vinyl
Music Format Specific Album
Genre Ambient / New Age, Downtempo, Electronic, House
Release Date 22 May 2020
Track 1 Position A1
Track 1 Title K15 'Disillusioned'
Track 1 Preview URL
Track 2 Position A2
Track 2 Title Kirk Degiorgio 'Leave Everything Behind'
Track 2 Preview URL
Track 3 Position A3
Track 3 Title Patrice Scott 'Untitled'
Track 3 Preview URL
Track 4 Position A4
Track 4 Title Aybee 'River of Evermore'
Track 4 Preview URL
Track 5 Position B1
Track 5 Title Ian O'Brien 'Music Comes From Within'
Track 5 Preview URL'Brien+_Music+Comes+From+Within__snippet.mp3
Track 6 Position B2
Track 6 Title Gerald Mitchell, Volcov, Pirahnahead 'Snow'
Track 6 Preview URL
Track 7 Position B3
Track 7 Title Dego '31 losses 31 wins'
Track 7 Preview URL
Track 8 Position B4
Track 8 Title Fred P 'Star Crossed'
Track 8 Preview URL
Track 9 Position B5
Track 9 Title Linkwood 'Citrus'
Track 9 Preview URL
Track 10 Position No
Track 10 Title No
Track 10 Preview URL No
Track 11 Position No
Track 11 Title No
Track 11 Preview URL No
Track 12 Position No
Track12 Title No
Track 12 Preview URL No